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tasty tuesday: apple fritter cake

looks good doesn't it?
i can tell you, it was!
it's an apple fritter cake.. and man,  it was like a giant donut in a pan.
crazy good.
like a cinnamon bun & apple fritter had a baby & put glaze on it.
i made it for my family for our thanksgiving get together.
i am one of the go-to dessert people, and i LOVE it.
this year, a few people had already beat me to deciding what they were bringing..
and as i like to make sure we have a variety
(read: dad doesn't like cheesecake, the hubs doesn't like coconut, and mom usually skips the chocolate)
i had to contend with a german chocolate cake, and an oreo cheesecake dessert this year.
so i decided on something fall-ish, and sans chocolate.

i stumbled on this apple fritter cake on pinterest (of course)
and followed the link to cookies & cups blog, and after reading the ingredients, decided to go for it.
the only thing that i had trouble with was the batter...
it was a thick batter, and spreading it out in a greased pan was a NIGHTMARE.
in the end i managed to use more than 1/2 of the batter which meant that i didn't have enough for the top cake layer,
but that didn't seem to make a difference to anyone else, and it tasted just as good.
i also think i might skip the dark brown sugar & go for light brown next time, as the flavor wasn't my favorite.

check out cookies & cups blog for this awesome recipe!

what new recipes have you tried lately?

happy tuesday!

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