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i feel like the end of an era is coming soon.
these last few weeks i've been seriously considering stepping away from blogging.
i rarely post anymore, so that shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.
between instagram, facebook & my project life..
i feel like i'm telling the same story through words & pictures..
so that by the time i consider them for the blog, i'm not excited about them anymore. that's where i'm at.

if you want to persuade me to invade your air space for a while longer, here's your chance to do it ;)



  1. PLEASE don't stop blogging! NO!

  2. oh. I literally just found you. please dont go away.

  3. please stay! i love your recipes that you post! you can always just post pictures and add words as needed :) my blog:

  4. You can't quit blogging, just can't do it! lol.

  5. wow. I just stumbled across you and I really just love it.

  6. wow. I just stumbled across you and I really just love it.


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