this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.


currently: 1.29.13

(at the weekend scrapbooking retreat, this was at 6am, bre & i were the last scrappers standing until she took a 30 min nap!)
eating: that should probably say stress eating. because my diet + energy levels are totally disgusting right now. i came out of the gate january 1st on the right track, and have somehow lost sight. i hate that i am a comfort eater, and my jeans are reminding me that my body doesn't like it either.
drinking: water, but not nearly enough. every night i go to bed telling myself no coffee in the morning, and every morning i wake up wanting it. most days i am successful. the fact that i can drink it straight up with just milk is an indication of how serious my addiction has gotten. it's like i'm a grown up who actually likes the taste of it now. what's up with that?
watching: toy story 1, 2 & 3. it's always ALWAYS on it seems like. when i get remote control i try to stay current with new girl, 2 broke girls, & vampire diaries. my heart about lept out of my chest when elena FINALLY broke up with stefan & went after damon, and then my eyeballs actually popped out of their sockets like a cartoon character when after FINALLY getting what i wanted in the elena/damon department, they made it out to be a sire bond thing. SERIOUSLY?! just shoot me! glee is on my 'there is nothing else worthy on' list right now. what the heck happened to this show? even the hubster, who NEVER really watches it, says it's not the same. i'm afraid they've lost 'it', they've just cut out the magic somehow. mr. shue leaving was like the last straw.
listening: the twilight soundtracks, all 5 of them. on repeat. on spotify & on my iphone. i can't seem to get enough of them these days, and they are totally my go to playlist when i'm scrapbooking.
enjoying: project life. so much. even though i'm playing catch up on the last few weeks of 2012, and i still haven't started on 2013, i know where i'm headed & i can't BELIEVE i have an entire year of our lives scrapbooked & DONE! (well almost)
wanting: a new cell phone case. the one i have has seen better days, and it's gelly texture makes for a constant greasy feeling i am SO over. i'm seriously considering this one, although it's well above what i would normally spend on a cell phone case.
anticipating: lots of work. LOTS of work. lots of change. something new. something exciting & yet so incredibly terrifying. i'll share more soon!
loving: camera+ is my new go to camera app on my phone. you can touch the screen once to focus, and then a second time to pick  your exposure metering. hello properly natural lit cell phone pictures!! love it!
and thank you thank you thank you, for saying you'd miss me if i was gone. i know that posting is going to be far less frequent than ever, but i promise not to give up on blogging just yet. ;)


  1. So very happy (screaming from the rooftops) That you are not quiting blogging. I love coming here...and will make an effort to comment more often. Yay you!
    Also love that picture of you and funny.
    Also loved spending the weekend with you! Yay me!!!
    Looking forward to 2013, Project Life and well more girl times!!!

  2. I made it on your blog! haha.
    Spending the retreat with you was a lot of fun! lol.
    Even though there were tainted m&m's! ;)

    I'm glad you haven't given up on blogging. You're my inspiration to keep blogging! haha. I'm slacking right now though!


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