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my life: back to school

if you follow me on instagram, you may have already figured this one out..
but i'm going back to school.

actually, i started back to school on monday.
it seems a little like a whirlwind since the beginning of january.
honestly. it all happened so fast, it all just fell into place & before i knew it, there was this on my doorstep.

uhm, ya. that's a macbook pro.
part of my 'books' for school.
actually, it's ALL of my books for school.
that & the copy of windows for mac & adobe cs 6.

yes. adobe cs6.
i, who have never even played with photoshop.
only dreamed about it, now have the whole she-bang.
it's been my, pinch me i'm dreaming moment for about 2 weeks now. 

so, like i said, my first class started on monday.
it's all online, so i don't have to even leave the comfort of my own home for this.
which is great, cause, i have these two little people who need me too.
i am attending full sail online.
it's a private school here in central florida that my brother turned me on to.
they specialize in entertainment media & all that encompasses.
and before you think my sights are set on rubbing elbows with celebrities, i'm going for graphic design.
and had you asked me 2 years ago, or 5 years ago, or even 14 years ago what i would put my heart behind in school,
it wouldn't have been this.
but i am BEYOND excited.
seriously, giddy-school-girl EXCITED.
and feeling a little bit stupid for taking so long to come around to this conclusion!
i didn't take graphic arts/design in high school, but i have ALWAYS loved print advertising..
i've been obsessed with design period as it relates to print/graphics since i worked on yearbook in high school.
i wish someone would have hit me with the magic stick way back then to make me realize what i would love.
especially since when people asked me what i wanted to do, i could never really answer..
but i would always say, 'well if i could just do yearbook forever, i'd be happy'
so ya, as someone obsessed with fonts & design.
someone who loves scrapbook design.
someone who just couldn't be happy with anything she thought about 'doing' because it didn't sound fulfilling or like a creative outlet.
this is huge.
i am 33 & i finally decided what i want to be when i grow up.
and honestly.... NOW it's a little scary! 
so school started on monday, and this week has been a little crazy.
the house has been a little bit messier, the dinner's a little later & haphazardly thrown together.
instagram has all but been abandoned.
i don't know how you ladies with jobs do it.
it's insane. and i have to tell myself constantly to put down the broom, i HAVE to do homework.
the dog hair can stay there another few hours.
cause when the babe is sleeping, it's all school, all the time.
and blogging will obviously be waay less..
(not that it could get much less than it was before, but at least now i have a REAL reason!)
so here's to going back to school, and following your heart.

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  1. I'm SO excited for you! Full Sail is amazing! And I know you will be completely successful with it! Congratulations again! (:


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