this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.


currently: 3.21.13

drinking: lots and lots and lots of water. using a new app called idrated to keep me in check. it keeps track of how much i drink and reminds me to drink when it's time.

watching: well WHEN i'm watching it's 'the first 48', 'city confidential', 'bizarre foods', 'mysteries at the museum', & 'notorious' i'm current on 'new girl' and waaaay behind on 'vampire diaries' and 'american horror story'. i usually watch while i'm folding laundry & when i go to bed, and somehow i never have enough time, or little eyes around when i'm ready to catch up on those two. it's clear that had i the stomach for it, i should have been a detective, i can't get enough of csi stuff.

listening: currently obsessed with these three songs:

enjoying: more random lunch dates with friends i don't see enough. it's nice when we can carve out a small amount of time during our busy schedules to catch up. so far i've lunched with a different friend each month. it's pretty awesome, and one of the small goals i set for 2013. i'm looking forward to many more :)

wanting: to go some place new. even if it's only for a weekend. i think it's because i spend so much time in front of the computer, but i can't wait to get out of my house at the first chance!

anticipating:  busy weekends. this is the time of year were we literally bounce from birthday to graduation party to company party to easter, and everything in between. busy weekends are a fun break from my homebody routine!

loving: the dblcam app. i haven't mastered it yet, but i'm loving the possibilities.

reading: school stuff. i have read one book since december, and it was kind of lame. i just don't have the time, and right now, i'm okay with that. so much for my goal of 60 books in 2013, just not realistic now that i'm in school.

blogger seems to be spazing out this morning, so i'm going to stop there.
see ya soon... i hope!

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  1. new follower here! i like the breakdown. cooking anything new? i like all the tv shows you mentioned.


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