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video: be more awesome

i have good intentions of blogging, really i do.
but it is sort of at the bottom of my priority list if i'm honest.
i'm not BUSY, but i'm occupied.

i'm doing dishes and washing clothes.
i'm sweeping floors, and cleaning bathrooms.
i'm cooking dinners, and trying to cut out sugar (again)
i'm working on my will power, and scaling back portion sizes.
i'm giving baths, and picking up toys.
i'm driving to soccer practice, and giving up team mom responsibilities.
i'm watching school related videos, and posting lengthy discussion board posts.
i'm reading e-school books, and stealing small moments to read fiction for pleasure at soccer (where there is no internet access, and therefore no homework can be done)
i'm learning my new Mac, and i'm trying to teach myself photoshop.
i'm trying to attend class broadcasts, and bribing the dude to occupy the babe for an hour while i do.
i'm getting stressed out, and discouraged.
i'm not calling friends, i'm not even calling my mom.
i barely talk to my husband after 8pm when i finally have quiet time to focus on homework.
i'm finished with my first class, and onto my second one.
i'm trying to steal moments at the end of the week, beginning of the new when assignments are finished to work on project life.
i'm grumpy, i'm tired, and i have a long way to go.
and to quote elise blaha cripe "i can't do this, but i'm doing it anyways"

yesterday i rearranged the babe's nap schedule so that he'd be down when i had my web class.
he was so irritable by the time he finally went down, i felt guilty for keeping him up.
and after running around all morning with laundry, the dishes, and general daily picking up, and sneaking in a few moments to finish up an assignment or two..
i was in a BAD mood.

and i was in a BAD mood when my web class started.
i'm taking behavioral science this month, and this weeks lessons are on motivation & optimism/pessimism.
the good thing about Full Sail is that they are very interactive in their approach to learning.
(sometimes to my dismay, as i have to scramble to learn a new program on top of completing the assignment)
so yesterday, as an intro to optimism, we were asked to watch this video.

can i say, this kid is just AWESOME.
after the class was over i clicked through and watch some more of his videos.
i couldn't stop smiling. it was the first time i had smiled all day.
and after watching those videos, my mood was totally transformed the remainder of the day.
i felt like a huge grumpy sack of feelings were lifted off my shoulder.
and so i wanted to share with you, in case you find yourself in the very same grumpy state today.
i know we all get into those moods, it's inevitable in life..
but kid president wants you to be more awesome, and so do i ;)

happy thursday!

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