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currently: 4.9.13

let's be honest.
if you are a die hard truebie, like me...
(read the sookie books & have watched since season 1)
last season was crazy bad.
and i mean crazy bad like, awful & horrible.
(kinda like the newest season of glee. disappointing)
steve newlin a gay vampire.. saw that coming.
sookie all up in fairy town.. inevitable if you've read the books
vampire headquarters nut jobs... what the what?!
vampires doped up on blood of the first vampire... huh?
vampire bible... seriously?!
crazy blood bathed bill?
i seriously hope it gets more good crazy.
(although i may be totally alone in how i feel on last season)
i had behavioral science last month.
i was sort of scared about diving into it...
because.. uhm.. i've actually attempted psychology twice before.
it's totally boring, and i find it difficult to stay on task.
so i was totally delighted to find this class was less intense.
and ya. i aced it. :)
out with the old, in with the new:
we started looking on craigslist for a new to us couch about two months ago...
we weren't particularly motivated, or on a timeline...
mostly browsing.
and then two weeks ago the hubs got totally serious.
ya see the old couch (above) is a piece o' crap.
and that's putting it nicely.
it's microfiber, and a light tan color, and i don't know what i was thinking when i thought that was a good choice for a house full of boys.
it's been dirty since the beginning.
it's endured spilled bottles, baby spit up, and leaky diapers between two kiddos.
it's been a launching pad for the dude to hurl himself across from one side to the other.
it's been thrown up on. more than once.
and lord help me, the 75lb dog has pooped on it, through the doubled up sheets that were on it.
about a year ago when the dude puked all over one of the cushions i cleaned it the best i could, but it was still grossing me out..
and i thought, this thing is so sad looking, what could it hurt to wash the cushion covers.
so i tossed two in the wash.
and when they were dry, i washed the other two.
you sink way down on the cushions, and the top of the back cushion forces your head forward.
it's far beyond being comfortable, and the back cushions are starting to tear free of the seam.
it (as evidenced by the sagging end pillows) seen better days.
 and i'm embarassed for people to come to my house and see it.
so like i said, we were browsing craigslist..
and when we settled on getting some type of leather, blended leather, wipeable type of surface..
my husband started noticing it wasn't THAT much more to get a new couch..
and if we got a NEW couch.. we could get NEW recliners.
(because I haven't heard the end of how I got rid of the one we had 8 years ago)
so we went out shopping a few nights & settled on this one from rooms to go.
and i am SO excited, even though they are backordered  until MAY.
it's a sectional, so we were able to customize our set up.
we ditched the chaise (though it would have been nice)
and the armless chair next to it,
kept the console piece & added a left arm recliner.
so we have a total of three recliners.
did i mention how excited i am?!?!

we officially quit soccer this week.
it was a long time coming.
last season was great.. this season not so much.
as anyone with a child with special needs can tell you, everything is a learning process.
last season we were in a younger age group, and the coaches were very responsive to our input on how to coach mason.
this year, not so much.
sadly, our coach is ALL about winning, and several kids, not just ours, suffer because of it.
unfortunately the kids who are not 'star athletes' don't get coached.
they get 'dealt with'.
the dude was eager, and improved drastically in his skills from the beginning of his last season, to the end.
this year, if it's possible, he's back to were he was in the beginning.
the bad coaching along with his ADHD made for a vicious cycle.
the coach wouldn't put him in during a game, so he'd start goofing off..
and then he didn't get put in, because he was goofing off...
and when he did get in, he was only in for 10 minutes (if that) before he was taken off the field for no reason.
when he put forth his best efforts, they were never recognized..
which for a kid like him, praise is SO important.
on a team of 13 kids, with 9 on the field, only 2 positions were being rotated.
it was disheartening for him and us.
when i spoke to the coaches about the game rotation i got
'well we get so wrapped up in the game, we forget to sub people'.
and then the kids on the team started bullying him.
and that was the final straw.
because the dude already struggles with low self esteem,
& soccer was making it worse by the minute.
so, when for the third time in a row, he came across the field crying about something someone said to him, when it was clear he was doing his best to actively participate & control his impulses,
we called it quits.
it's not the end of the world, just the end of our 'soccer era'
next up to try is karate.
he's obsessed with the ninja turtles & eager to try.
and we have always preached 'ya don't know until ya try' to him when he says he 'can't do something'
so, looks like i'll be bleaching karate uniforms sometime soon..
so that's what's filling up my head these days..
along with a little something else, but that's for another day :)
blogging because hopefully one day i will get back to project life..
as i am seriously, SERIOUSLY behind.

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  1. You are not the only one who feels that way about True Blood. They need to stick with the books some what because that apparently tank when it comes to there creative side.


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