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music: a little bit country

when summer time rolls around every year, i find my on again off again love affair with country music renewed. something about the sun, the water, and a laid back time of year makes me wanna crank up the volume on some of my old favorites. we have this running joke, the hubs & i, that he's a little bit country & i'm a little bit rock & roll.

the truth is more like he's a LOT country, and a little bit rock & roll, and i'm a LOT rock & roll, and a little bit country.

the point is, he is always excited each year when this 'mood' strikes me. if he's not listening to country on the radio, it's classic rock. i however, shuffle between just about everything under the sun while he's in the car with me.. and let's just say he's not a big fan of bands like muse, or bruno mars, or pink (but he knows what's good for him, and leaves the dial alone! :)

i've had the music cranked up during homework, cleaning house, and just in general these days, and i thought i'd share some songs i'm digging right now, the country ones.

crank up the volume & have an impromptu dance party.
it'll make ya feel better.
just sayin'.


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  1. You have GREAT taste in country music! I'm a recent convert to country and these are some of favorites as well!


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