this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.



i knew it was coming. as soon as i started school i know this was the path i would head down. it's not that i post things i'm embarrassed about, or that i'm embarrassed about what i've posted. but lets face it, i use all lowercase letters & i share stories about things that i wouldn't share in a professional work place.

so, i'm going private on the blog. it was one of the options i considered when i thought about just deleting the whole thing and refraining from blogging, and now i'm being asked again to review my online presence, and until i define more clear perimeters for myself, i'm going to restrict my viewers to those who have already been following me.

i have a plan in mind for the the end game, and that includes a public blog, but for now, i need to protect my stories & this place i've created, as well as myself.

so please, if you want to hang around, shoot me an email so i can add you to the list :)



  1. You know I want to keep reading. I think you'll enjoy having a private blog.

  2. I have loved your blog!

  3. I enjoy your blog! Please keep me! :)

  4. I am on that list! Right??? I read even though I don't comment don't cut me off, wink. Love ya! Totally understand!


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