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currently: 6.11.13

adjusting: to life in our new house. new house? yep. we moved about 3 weeks ago. i had this big post planned to share the story, but who knew moving was so much work? soon though, i promise! 

making decisions: on paint color, furniture placement, what goes where.. it is truly exhausting, even for someone like me, who thrives on organization. there are more places to cram stuff in our new house, but i'm trying very hard to eliminate the stuff we really have no use for (like the boot from when i sprained my ankle two years ago while i was pregnant with rance. i HOPE i never need it again, but if i do, isn't that what insurance is for?)

working: in between painting walls, and trim, and switching out light fixtures, and refinishing furniture, and doing all the 'other' normal house stuff like cooking & cleaning, & laundry, i'm still plugging away at school. last month was art history, and we got a quick feel for photoshop. this month it's designing computer graphics, and illustrator. i was scared, and for good reason.. this stuff is intense! and so intimidating for someone like me who didn't even know something like illustrator existed! 

planning: the dude's birthday trip to wet & wild. as a florida resident, you would think i love water parks... not so much. over chlorinated water, standing in hour long lines to get a 15 second run down a slide, and being a breath away from sweaty, barely clothed strangers is not my idea of fun. add in the fact that the cool deck-skid resistant coating they put everywhere does a number on your feet, and i'm a total party pooper. i'm roughing it out for his sake though. wish me luck! 

what i'm not doing: reading, watching tv, working on project life. i'm happy to be busy, but i'm missing those things i love to relax doing. 

until next time...

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