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PL 2012: Weeks 42 & 43

(this one is just for you miss andrea! ;) 

remember me? 
i remember you. 
it's been months since i've blogged. 
and truthfully, i haven't missed it. 
after years of blogging, i've lost interest. 
in a way project life seems to have taken the place of what once made me blog. 
the daily stories. 
the funny little bits of life. 
i can't say i'm sad about it. 
life changes, evolves, and i'm good with that. 
i may still blog occasionally, but it's way down on the list of priorities for me. 
(if you're dying to know what i'm up to though, i'm a habitual instagrammer :) 

so i haven't a single picture printed past week 7 of 2013...
but i was jonesing to create something. 
i needed a creative & mental break from reality. 
(which is odd since technically i'm scrapping reality, but whatever)
so i went back to the last few pages in 2012 that i was hung up on at the beginning of the year 
& wrapped those up. 

i hadn't intended on posting them her, but miss andrea persuaded me with her compliments & request :) 

week 42

week of my birthday, as well as the annual fall carnival in town, so an insert was called for. 

totally took my color cues from the angry bird drawing the dude did for me, 
and the fact i dyed my hair pink that week. 
i'm not much of a pink girl, but if you make it neon & pair it with green, i'm game! 

baseball page protector with some pictures from the day 
& a little journaling. 
tried putting a confetti pocket in the middle of the page without sewing it... 
not loving it.. but i'm leaving it. 

it was hard to narrow down pictures from the carnival. 
i knew they'd be smallish- so i opted to cram my journaling on before printing them. 

week 43

more good stuff. this was the week we went to the corn maze, so another insert was necessary. 

above with insert
below without. 

color cues this week were from the corn & the babes shirt he wore while we were there. 

couldn't NOT include the georgia vs. florida rival game
 its a BIG to do in our family
since i married into a georgia family, and mine is a florida one. 
the heckling starts before the game & continues after. 
my brother or my husband usually have to be avoided after the game depending on the way it sways. 
included a piece of the corn maze map as well. 
& i'm totally into using vellum to subdue a photos 'off' color scheme & still include it 
(ala jamaica edgell) 

above is the front of the insert
below is the back
this insert is my go-to for events. love the mix up of sizes & orientations. 
went with typed journaling, again. 
makes wrapping up a big event so much easier. 
keep it simple with some journaling & move on. 

these pages have me ready for fall! 
bring on the pumpkins, scary movies & fall festivities!!! 
especially excited at the prospect of decorating our new house, and actually having trick or treaters come! 

i have a few more pages to share, but i have to run for now. 
i'll at least be back to share those ;) 


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