this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.



eating// this combo i saw pinterest? instagram? chopped up fuji apple (loving these right now) with chopped up pecans, a few raisins & a splash of coconut milk. i'm totally addicted.

drinking// coffee. i've decided to give up trying to kick it. i enjoy it. it makes me look forward to getting up in the morning. & it's certainly not the worst thing out there to drink. i make folgers french vanilla in the coffee pot, let it cool & pour it into a container & put it in the fridge. in the morning i pour it over ice with a splash of vanilla extract & a little milk.

needing// more time. i had halloween projects i wanted to do. thanksgiving ones too. between school & the house & kids & life, there just never seems to be enough time in the day. i can't even keep up with my shows, and i haven't read a book in forever.

watching// american horror story. it's about the only thing i'm current on. ok, so i'm current on 2 broke girls & the new girl too. i watched the first episode of the vampire diaries, & not a single one of the originals. add glee to the mix, which i really can't seem to find interest in this year, i think partly because finn is gone.

loving// walking. last month i walked 65.8 miles in 31 days. i challenged myself to 2 miles a day, and only fell short one day. the 31st, when i spent the morning in the ER finding out i had a kidney stone (holy cow that is some serious pain!) that night we took the kids trick or treating & walked just a mile. i've taken it easy since then, partially because i was doped up on pain meds & couldn't drag myself out of bed the next few days, and the the following week i spent playing catch up on school work.

learning// photoshop & adobe illustrator. it's crazy to think a year ago i was dreaming about what it would be like to know how to use these programs, and now they get a heavy weekly workout. this week we are working on photo compositing. lightbulbs are going off everywhere. it's crazy good, scary & trying all at the same time.

thinking// that this blog is on it's way out. it is severely neglected, and i don't know how to connect to this space anymore. i used to craft & share. i used to bake & share. now i scramble through daily activities, work on homework & try to take pictures & jot notes for project life. how interesting is that? i share on instagram readily (read: i'm addicted) & can't imagine why i still need this platform.

favorite apps// camera+ & pictapgo. they by far get the most work out on my phone, and i couldn't live without them. camera+ lets you pick a focus point + an exposure point. genius. pictapgo is a mobile editing app from radlabs. must have.

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