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PL 2012: More than a few weeks

last week of august/first week september

some happy mail. 
some down days.
another xray on the babes arm.
and some everyday life pictures. 

Week 44: Halloween

We didn't have much else going on, so I let Halloween take front & center this week. 
I tackled the Halloween pictures by typing all my journaling directly to the pictures. 
sweet & simple & done. 
a movie poster from a new movie the hubs & i watched this week.
and last but not least, i NEVER buy school pictures, they are ALWAYS hideous with their faux tree backgrounds, but i figured it would be cool to cut up the proofs they send home & include them. 

Week 44 insert front

Just a 5x7 insert with the boys in costume. 

Week 44 insert back
funny note: if you are familiar with adventure time, rance was supposed to be finn's sidekick, 
jake the dog. kid would NOT put the hat i bought him on. 
so, last minute 'uncostume' costume. 
he had a little scooby to carry.. but he was set on having two hands on his bucket! 

Week ?: November

Stephen's sticker from voting.
Mason's report card
Some stickers from his field trip
(chaperone's aren't allowed.. bummer!)
a quote & a few random pictures. 

Week ?: November

a text from my brother ragging me on the number of times he thought i'd see twilight BD pt 2.
the cover of the new soundtrack (love!) 
a end of season soccer party.
a self portrait by mason
the cabin we rented with my parents for christmas.
and a text from the hubs. 

The insert front/back for the above week. 
twilight breaking dawn pt 2 viewing with buds friday night
and an over night grown up girls sleep over saturday night. 

Week ?: Thanksgiving

This ended up being one of my most favorite spreads of 2012. 
(i think maybe because i've been hoarding that foam pumpkin for 8 years & was happy to use it!)
the dude suckered me into downloading angry birds star wars. 
lots of thanksgiving pictures. 
ticket stubs
the toughest thing was working those tree decorating pictures in. 
what was i thinking putting my tree up this week?!
should have known it would ruin my color scheme ;) 

insert for thanksgiving, just more pictures from that day...

Week ?: December

Some hijinks from Jingles the elf
a countdown card
the boys christmas wish lists
working on 9x tables
and a christmas song mason wrote.

Insert for the above week. 
jingles photocoping himself
& a christmas school project from the dude. 

 Week ?: December

School party before christmas break.
Christmas tree decorating @ oma's.
pound cake baking. 

with that i have THREE more spreads left. 
two are finished save for the week in review cards, 
and one is planned, just not done. 
then there is the cover page. 


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