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project life 2013: weeks 40 & 42

it feels like i've got a bit of a rhythm going for myself these last two weeks. 
that kidney stone really threw my game, and i'm ready to get back on a roll. 
i finished up a good bulk of my schoolwork early this week, & took the chance to play this weekend. 

i don't think my husband would buy it, but the scrapbooking process helps my school work. 
it's a chance to be creative without being graded, and i never thought that'd be a relief. 
i stress so much about meeting criteria, and succeeding, it's annoying, though necessary. 
i don't like stress. it makes me eat. and that obviously, is counterproductive to all my walking! 

anyways. so i'm using my scrapbooking as a exercise in learning photoshop.. 
and having S O  M U C H  F U N! 

week 40: 

first week of october, tail end of september. 
i never got around to getting calendar cards i really liked this year, & i've just rolled with it. 
i like that i'm not confining myself to something, if something else will work better. 
so, the 30/06 card is actually a date marker. above it says september, below october. 

i didn't have enough pictures to fill all the 4x6 pockets this week
(have a horrible habit of forgetting to flip my phone) 
& couldn't make anything work for me, so I just enlarged a photo of one of the decorations we put up that week & slapped an october 'to do list' on there. 
the picture is one taken from my iphone, and printed from my epson picturemate. 
i gotta say. i was pleased with the quality. i only lost a tiny bit of shadow detail at the bottom. no big. 

i've tried hard not to be a color coordinated scrapper, but i can't pull it off. this weeks color cues came from the pumpkin illumination, and the yeast rolls (which were a first for me, and deserved to be in color!) 

i've had a few people ask about how i split up the 12x12 photo, so i'm going to attempt to write that up sometime this week, and hopefully it's something that makes sense! 

supplies: midnight core kit card (top right), studio calico: kit card (orange/yellow), 'oh yes' stamp, orange alphabet stickers, basic grey 'check it out' clear overlay, american crafts white foam thickers. 

 week 42: 

i'm working all out of order, and i'm okay with that this year.
not sure what my hang up was last year. this works for me.
work on what i'm inspired by, and leave the rest for later.
this also includes spreads with an overwhelming amount of pictures.
(the weekend beach trip, the trip to the carnival, etc)
the goal is to get all the 'easy' spreads done, and go back to the photo heavy ones.
not sure why, other than it hurts my head to have to eliminate pictures!

i really wanted that picture of myself to take prominence in the spread,
since it was my birthday.. i dyed my hair pink... and i rarely get in front of the camera any other time of year.

color cues came from my hair & my shirt. i think the color pink grows on me at certain times of the year. you'll never catch me in baby pink.. but hot pink.. that i can do every once in a while ;)

supplies: project life midnight & blush core kits, studio calico: calendar card, 'tuesday' black epoxy sticker, rhinestone star, american crafts: silver glitter thickers, white foam thickers, & 'that's what she said' sticker, basic grey 'look at this' clear overlay arrow, cloud 9 heart brad sticker.

so there ya have it. another 2 weeks in the books. 
(and 4 more with pictures printed, just waiting for journaling) 

happy monday! make it a good one! 

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