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spring break// 2014

i had high hopes for my spring break...

catching up on my project life
catch up on this season of vampire diaries & the originals
doing some diy projects around the house
getting pictures up on the walls (something i am absolutely horrible about doing)
and reading a book or two

so what did i actually get done?

well... i think i cooked dinner 3 nights this week. it was a great break from the scheduled 'norm' around here. i'm an average cook, and i don't at all enjoy doing it, so anytime i can NOT do it, is awesome in my book.

i didn't touch my project life. i did rearrange some supplies after getting my raskog cart in order. big excitement there :) i have three beautiful woodgrain chevron studio calico handbooks just staring in me in the face, but i couldn't get into it. i think it's the photos. i'm going with a non-weekly format, and just throwing photos in (i think, since i haven't started yet) in chronological order. i was aiming for low-maintenance, low-stress.. and so far.. there is no stress.. ha!

i didn't watch a single episode of vampire diaries or the originals. bummer. i did however watch don jon, and exorcisms, and a few other non-new, but definitely favorites, like love actually, ghostbusters, and a few more that i can't even remember right now. basically i spent monday & tuesday in bed.. not sick, just totally enjoying not having to DO anything. (i didn't even make my bed most of the week!)

i didn't do a single project around the house. i think i burnt myself out last week scrambling to get the house in order for easter, and after easter, i was done. i do have some that i'd like to tackle soon, and maybe i actually share those instead of long type filled posts in the future. it'd be a change of pace, right? (since there isn't even anyone out there anymore)

i did read two books. the mortal instruments 1 & 2. i'm sure i'll get flack for this.. but i think jace & clary are the new edward & bella. i love this storyline, i love the characters, i love the twists & turns, and triangles. maybe i just loved reading again since it's been so long.... but the book was different than the movie, and i was okay with both. i'm going to try and tackle #3 while juggling school work. wish me luck! :)

re-dyed my hair pink. i used this ion hair color in magenta in october. my hair was still the slightest shade of pink now in april. its a slow fade over time, but i think this brand will be my go to from now on. it doesn't rub off, or dye all your clothes after the initial dye. april has been a real, excuse me, shit month. between my grandmother passing, rance swallowing a coin, and general disasters around the house like the hubs truck getting hit by a neighbor, and the fence snapping in half and falling down (which means we can't let the dog out back by herself anymore).. i just needed some distraction and something to make me feel better. hair color seems harmful enough. the alternative was a new tattoo, but i don't have the money, and i haven't found a tattoo artist in the state of florida who does a fine art style, so that has to wait.

(all taken with my iPhone, and edited in pictapgo)

i've always had a terrible time defining my style and myself. i've felt on the border between so many types of dress, and personas. i like tattoos & piercings, i like the colored hair. i like graphic tees & converse, and smart mouths. i like metal & 80s hair bands. i'm not big into drinking, and i don't get to go to many concerts. my mom tries to help me dress, and while i love her, and her help, so often her style is not my own, and i end up with a mix of her style and my style (and all of that limited given my body style) and clothes that i don't feel like myself in. have you ever felt that way? i would be tattoo'd from head to toe, ok not really, were it not for my fear of future jobs. perfect example. there is a disney internship (which i live too far to partake in anyways) but the dress code is 'disney style' which apparently means 'wholesome un-tattoo'd american'.  i mean.... really? creative types are more inclined to push the boundaries of social acceptance sometimes... at least that's me.. 

but i'm rambling.. anyways...... 


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