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currently// 4.17.14

it's crazy how much life changes in 1 month. 4 weeks. 30 days.....

drinking// iced coffee. i've given up the attempt to cut it out again. it's the one non-water beverage a day i allow myself, so i'm just going to embrace it.

watching// i really wanted to read the book first, but the hubs convinced me to watch the movie 'the mortal instruments: city of bones' & now i can't get it out of my head. i'm hoping that next week while i'm on spring break i can sink into the first book in the series. you say teen lit? i say so what.

listening//i'm really obsessed with neon trees 'sleeping with a friend', and bastille's 'pompeii', as well as a great big world's 'say something' (the non-christina version)... although i've been listen to a lot of oldies.. think dirty dancing soundtrack, billie holiday, & my fair lady soundtrack. it's a weird mix i know.

reading// lots of information on marriage inequality. my class this month is not design based, but presentation. speaking. gah. i hate it... but our one big project is a persuasive speech called and ignite presentation. i choose to talk about how same sex couples shouldn't be fighting for their right to marry, they should already HAVE the right. i've long been an advocate, but the information is still interesting.

wanting// to get some house projects tackled. i've hit a mine of creative energy it seems, and i'm desperate to create something, anything... and house projects seem as good as any these days. maybe one day i'll stop buying project life stuff, and start using it again. i'm really sad about the state of my album this year (and lack of completion on 2013).

thinking// a lot about my Oma. she passed away unexpectedly april 6th, and while i have little regrets left with unsaid words (she was one of the recipients of my grateful heart letters last november), i'm sad because i didn't get more from her on her life. i bought her this book, but i have no idea if she finished it.. and i'm kicking myself for not going over there & helping her tackle it. i miss her so much everyday. i think about all the ways she filled me up, and changed my life. i think about all the ways she helped me see beyond my own circumstances, and recognize the plight in others. i have so many thoughts, so many words, some days are past hard and into unbearable. i hate death. i hate that our time is limited.

loving// the weather. i'm desperate for a hammock swing for the tree out front before the weather becomes unbearable. this is the florida i love. sunny & high 70s... i wish it would last all summer!


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