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project life//2014

i did it! 
i finished my first album for 2014, that holds january through april. 

that feels like a GIANT accomplishment. HUGE. 

we aren't going to talk about the fact that it's october, and i technically have less than half the year scrapped. we are going to pretend like i can finish may-november by the END of november, and be ready to rock a december daily album like never before. 

<insert laughter> 

yeah right. 

here's to dreams of mythical proportions, and the reality that i will likely be wrapping up a christmas album this time next year. 

but for now.. YEAH.. WOOHOO...YIPEE.. i finished an album. :) 

here are a few pages from february & march: 


that 1 year card holds some journaling about completing my first year of school. it was a little wordy for a 3x4 card so i used a bifold card from the coral core kit & journaled my little heart out. (green card: sc kit, asterisk: amy tangerine plus one mini kit)

 sometimes i have really crappy photos to work of semi-important things. i have learned to roll with it. to me, it's more important to get the memory/story down than it is to have pro quality pictures. my kids could really care less about grain & lighting. seriously. (star card: sunshine core kit)

i really really really love ghostbusters. like really really. i was sad to hear harold ramis had passed. i don't often include pop culture news, but the ghostbuster geek in me couldn't not include this comic i saw posted all over instagram. too perfect. (khaki card: midnight core kit, polka dot card: sc kit)


opening page for march with my vellum month divider that i am still really really loving. nothing special here. (khaki card: midnight core kit, navy stripe: aqua core kit?)

i wanted to hoard that triangle card, but i'm really trying to use what i love instead of hoarding. loving that when a spread is all b&w photos i can squeeze in those multi colored cards i seem to have a hard time using otherwise. (triangle: sc kit, aqua stripe: sunshine core kit, yellow quote: kiwi core kit)

squeezed in a GIANT 12x16 painting the dude did in school by snapping a picture of it & putting it in a 4x6 square. (no way that baby was going to fold down into a 6x8 album) (today, good story card: kiwi core kit ?)

missing the 12x12 photos,  but LOVING the 6x8 photos. (red & yellow cards: sc kit) 

the stamping on the salad didn't work out quite as i'd hope, but sometimes you just gotta roll with it &  move on. (orange card: sc kit)

i'm 110% addicted to confetti/floating pockets. they are just so much fun! the following page wraps up the rest of one of my best friends weddings, but i'm waiting on a picture to fill in a gap before sharing! 

that's it for february & march.. 

ahh. that feels good :) 


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