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project life//2014

so here's the thing. i figure if i'm going to attempt to be more intentional with my blogging, i better start posting more frequently. seems obvious right? 

although i promise nothing (cause we all know how that works out), i am going to be more conscious of how often i am sharing. i love sharing. that's never been a problem. i'm probably an over-sharer. i'm also likely not nearly as funny here as i am in my own head. 

whatev. i'm going with it. 

today i'm going to share my pages from april.
april was hard. 
april was full of lows, and lower lows. 
i was having a hard time even snapping pictures. 
i really just wanted to be in bed sleeping. 


i suppose that's the way grief works, right? 


opening spread, nothing too fancy. (triangles: kiwi core kit, currently: aqua core kit)

oh yes. this was the beginning of the bad month. rance decided it was a good idea to put money in his mouth, and then he accidentally swallowed. couldn't NOT include that one. the tab is attached to the X-ray report that tucks in between the two 6x8 pictures. that studio calico 'yummy' flair seemed fitting. (week card: studio calico) 

orange and red and pink would not be my pick of a color combo, but i was really digging how this came out. maybe it's the combo of new strappy sandals that i'm still in love with, dunkin donuts, starbucks & target? probably. i'm also totally obsessed with not only the sandals, but these MAMBI stickers. (coffee: studio calico, orange: kiwi core kit)

i think i already said this, but i'm obsessed with confetti/floating pockets. family fun night. pictures are less than stellar cell phone pictures (again) but i decided after the first year to chuck the DSLR camera toting & just have fun. (red stripe: sunshine core kit)

more family fun night pictures & some journaling. (yellow journaling: boys theme kit)

this text still makes my heart sink when i look at it. obviously a text is the absolute worse way to find out that your grandmother just passed, but the flurry of activity over my oma as the medical staff worked to revive her had my dad kinda in shock, and my mom didn't want to leave my dad long enough to call me, so, text it was. it was an agonizing 1/2 hour after she sent that text that she finally called. the dude had an awards ceremony the monday following, and while rance & i were there, i just sort of sat & stared, so the journaling card got put in to commemorate his achievement. since we somehow misplaced his report card to be able to include it in there. my aunt was kind enough to snag a bunch of papers, and she cut out & laminated my grandmothers obituary. i didn't want to staple it for fear of ruining it, so it's adhered with a tape runner to a cut up page protector, and then inserted into the sleeve. (green chevron: aqua core kit, red stripe: studio calico)

i didn't really have anything to stick on the backside to cover the ads on the paper, so i just found this piece of october afternoon paper & cut it as close to size as i could & put the date my oma passed on it. the quote is from maurice sendak. it seemed fitting. (khaki card: midnight core kit)

birthday for my best friend's son, who is mason's best bud as well. (happy: amy tangerine plus one mini-kit, khaki card: midnight core kit)

some last minute diy projects to get our house ready to host easter. & a little boy that's insanely perceptive about his mama's sadness. & has a smile that can cheer me up in an instant. (for the record: sea foam core kit)

this was one of those times where looking back i wish that i had taken more pictures. and i'm sitting here just now, realizing i have no pictures of the boys with their baskets. doh! i guess i'm NOT done with april. ::sigh:: (khaki card: midnight core kit)

i couldn't narrow down my favorite picture of the re-done pink hair, so they all went in. it feels vain, but i figure i'm not in the book often enough, so there ya go. (pink card: studio calico)

some currents from the blog & a water gun fight in the front yard with the boys. (mason pouted the first 1/2 hour inside over something silly, which i can't recall, so i didn't get pictures of him) (green card: recollections brand, pink stripe: amy tangerine plus one mini kit)

and rounding out april.. few more pictures of rance, hanging off the back of the couch for the 100x & getting in trouble (#butfirstletmegrabapicture) & lining up stamps in my friend's scrapbook store. then some of me, during various walks, which did my heart a whole heap of good in april. (cloud, take a deep breath: studio calico kit)

now i need time, paper, & inspiration to get may-august done! 


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  1. good. ness. WOMAN! i could devour your pages forever. you give great accolades all around but you have such an amazing eye and your little nuances that make your pages uniquely YOU are so fun! you best believe i'm taking notes. MWAH!


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