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diy: glitter cup

where to begin?
how 'bout i just show you a picture & we get to work?
work for you?

'kay. here we go :)

oh. but first you should know. this is an idea originally blogged by this gal here.
her friend made her one.. & then my friends made them..
& i thought it would be a good gift for the dude's teacher for valentine's day.
the original cups are fun & over-the-top..
but.. the dude's teacher is a little reserved & simple.
so i played it down a little.
(this cup kinda goes with this 'reuse' theme i've got going on for valentine's day.. just wait & see!)

so here we go.
how to make a..
glitter cup

-reusable double-walled insulated plastic cup
(mine is from publix. but i've seen them at walgreens & target too, you want double walled so it doesn't sweat on the part you are decorating)
-mod podge
-foam brush
(per my friend yvonne's instruction & my experience with the glitter frames fine glitter is the way to go)
-tray to catch the glitter
-sheet of paper
-regular paintbrush (optional)

1. remove all labels/stickers from cup. hand wash in warm soapy water & dry thoroughly. set aside lid & straw.

2. using the foam brush paint a layer of mod podge around the outside of the cup.

3. once your cup is covered in mod podge, place it inside your tray. put your hand inside the cup to hold it, angle the bottom away from you (staying inside the tray) & start covering liberally with glitter from the top. once completely covered in glitter, gently tap the cup against the bottom of the tray to shake of excess glitter.
(don't worry if it's not a thick, even layer, we'll take care of that in a minute)

 4. take your cup out of the tray & set it to the side. dump excess glitter from your tray onto the sheet of paper. using the paper as a funnel, put the glitter back into the bottle.
(i know everyone knows how to do this.. i'm just sayin' :)

5. let cup sit an hour or two.
(or longer if you have mommy duties like me & can't get right back to it)

6. repeat steps 2 thru 5.

7. once your cup has set for a few hours, you need to apply a third (& fourth if you feel like it) & final layer of mod podge to keep the glitter from falling off. i did this with a paint brush so that i got a thicker coat than i felt like i was getting with the foam brush.

8. add ribbon/tulle/netting or any other pretty wrapping you like, fill it with candy & you are set with a pretty gift that not only has something good IN IT, but IS good for the environment!
(i would also add a note as to how the recipient should care for their cup, ie hand washing only, no scrubbing sponges)

i was so excited about this i'm going to make one for myself.
maybe i'll get more water intake a day if it comes in one of these little guys!!


(be on the look out.. i've got more valentine's projects on the way!)

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  1. Oh my!!! I sooo need to make this for my BFF! She LOVES glitter! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Would love for you to join us at the Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Party!

  3. I am a huge fan of glitter! Thanks for linking up!

  4. I loved this idea so much I had to share on my blog on "Shout Out Sunday".

    What a great idea. I'm definitly going to make these for the Miss America birthday party I'm planning. The little girls will LOVE them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi, I love this and your tutorial is great! I wanted to make some for teacher gifts--just one question--how do they wash?

  6. hi tia... hope you are reading this, you didn't leave your email for me to reply to you :(

    the cups wash up great. most of the cups i've found have said hand wash only, i'm guessing because of the fact they are double-walled to keep them from sweating with cold liquids.. & that's the method i've used. when i gave it to my son's teacher i just attached a tag inside with instructions to hand wash! hope this helps! :)

  7. Sorry, somehow I thought the interent Fairy would let you know where to find me ;), total lapse on my part.... Thanks for updating me on the washing--I really love this idea and your tut was great, thanks again!

  8. LOVE!! I just bought these cups yesterday and was deciding what to do with them, i've found my answer! Question for you, how have the sparkles held up over time? Does the coat of modge podge at the end do the trick? I don't want my friends to get glitter all over their hands every time they use it, LOL
    Thanks so much!

  9. Sooo cute! I love it! I'm currently planning my son's 4th birthday party and trying to find a safe way to create golden pirate goblets that I would adorn with jewels, etc. Do you think making the cups this way would work for toddlers? I'm thinking letting them put their mouths on the glitter would not be the best idea? What do you think? My email is Thanks!


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