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birthday bomb: first birthday

*blogger deleted my pictures, please bear with me as i repost*

so, the dude turned one.
first birthday's are a pretty big deal in my book.
(i'm pretty sure i'm not alone)

i couldn't tell you now why i went with a 'barnyard theme'.
but my dad had a friend with a miniature pony & goat..
we had a trailer we could add hay to..
so we went for it.

(this is one of my favorite pictures.. he's just so darn cute!)

that was were the first two problems sprung up.
first, the friend showed up without the goat.
he was sick..
i'm pretty sure i'd be sick too if i knew a pile of toddlers were waiting to yank on my ears!
no big deal really..

but the hay ride..
in may?
do you know what it's like to be in hay when it's 90 out with high humidity?
not fun.
the kids were itchy & had hay stuck to every piece of exposed skin.
i'm not sure what i was thinking.

so i tried to amp up the whole barnyard feel with a 'fish pond'.
my 'pond' was a blow up pool...
& i spent probably $10 on goldfish to put in it.
let me just say..
i am SO not a fish tank person.
i knew well enough to take them out of the bag the night before..
but apparently didn't know enough to have them in a container BIG enough to provide oxygen to all of them.
i put them in a large-ish tupperware container the night before the party..
only to wake up the next morning to over HALF of them floating at the top..
with so FEW goldfish left..
they didn't have the presence enough to impress the kiddos...
they were more interested in getting in the water to get the itch off!

but the best..
well, the best flop anyways..
that was the cake.

i made this.
i was excited about the idea.
excited about coloring the icing & piping it on.
excited about making the eyes & ears.
sooo not excited about the actual product.
first an ear broke.
then my husband...  
& several other MALE family members suggested what my two pigs REALLY looked like.
i'm sure you can guess.

stayed tuned for the dude's second birthday flops.
it's a good (bad) flop.


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  1. ROFLOL!!! seriously the cake...that is tooo funny....such a cute idea 2 pigs in mud...but I totally can see that the hubs and other men would see something else...funny...

  2. You are seriously hilarious! I am SO enjoying your series of b-day bombs because I can totally relate!


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