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birthday bombs

i've been birthday party planning, as you may remember from this post...

i especially love planning out all the little details. the theme, invites, favors, activities, decorations.

invites seem to be 'my thing'. i've had some pretty 'out there' ones. if there is one thing i can safely say about them is.. NOT one single invite has been a plain old paper invite & all of them have left their recipients in awe. (not to toot my own horn)

there are tons of blogs about birthday parties. tons of places to get inspiration. but the one thing i noticed is, rarely EVER are they showing anything less than perfect. OR, if something does go wrong, you don't often hear about it. 

i feel like those blogs sometimes leave us 'regular mama's' feeling a little, i dunno, less successful because we don't have a wonderful party planner at our disposal... or a caterer... or a fancy dessert table... or the budget.. or just leave us feeling like a flop because an idea we found didn't turn out for us as planned (or maybe that's just me)

( i have seen some AWESOME birthday's out there from regular mamas as well)

but you know what... the truth is.. stuff goes wrong sometimes & it's okay.

you know why?

because odds are your little one has no idea that something didn't go right.

who i am to tell you it's okay?

well i'm someone, who despite their best efforts, has had SOMETHING go wrong at EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY PARTY the 6 years i've been putting them together for the dude.

in 6 years, i've slowly learned to embrace it... because half of the time.. he doesn't even know something is up. but it's a hard pill to swallow... failing at something you tried to do for your child. but ladies, we gotta embrace it, laugh & move on... because attempting it is totally what counts.

but you know what... i'm going to make you feel better.. because let me tell ya.. i've had some doozies.. i promise you are not alone if you've flopped once or twice.

i've flopped 6. out of 6. that's some horrible record!

so stick with me the next few days... i'm going to recount & share with you pictures of all 6 birthday flops. because i think it's good to see that you aren't the only one (or maybe i am) with martha stewart visions, and roseanne realities.


the list of bombs:
first birthday
second birthday
third birthday
fourth birthday
(for no good reason, he didn't have a fifth birthday party how's that for a bomb?)
sixth birthday

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