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birthday bomb: second birthday

*blogger deleted my pictures, bear with me as i try to get them reposted*

and the dude turns two.

after the enduring the previous years disgusting sticky heat..
i opted to make his second birthday a pool party.
'a fish out of water' party.

i think the invitations were one of my most elaborate thus far.

pretty out there right?
i had the idea in my head..
i found the fishing leads at walmart..
& the fish at michaels..
then i bought some dowels..
& printed out tags with the info..
they were a big hit with the kiddos.

but back to the flop.
so my greatest invite accompanied my worst cake flop.

this is my martha stewart vision that turned into a roseanne reality.
so.. the idea came from martha.
(i'm not even going to put a picture of her version here because mine is just that sad looking..
execution = horrible
let's just say it wasn't my smartest moment when i thought a stand alone ice cream castle
in 90 degree weather was a good idea.
it didn't even make it out of the house looking like a castle.

and, i'm going to be honest.
after taking this picture, i locked myself in the bathroom & cried for about 5 minutes...
cried & had my own little pity party while they sang happy birthday to my son.
not my proudest moment.
but i pulled it together & someone was nice enough to take pictures for me while i was absent.
& you know what?
the dude was smiling from ear to ear in every picture..
& just like my mom & the bf said..
no one knew that it was supposed to look anything other than it did.

& that was the only low moment of the party.
the kids were happy & playing in the pool.

i mean really..
who cries over a stupid cake?!

wait for his third birthday.
i think even you'll be sad over that one..


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