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birthday bomb: third birthday

*blogger deleted my pictures, please bear with my while i repost them*

the dude turns three.

i had seen a hundred different circus party ideas..
i decided to play off the whole '3 ring circus' idea..

the invites (which i apparently never photographed) were again over the top.
small round favor tins filled with star confetti..

i found the perfect favor containers..
paper popcorn containers from hobby lobby..
filled with circus type goodies.
kazoo's shaped like clown lips
soda-scented bubbles
(you get the idea)

i had even learned my lesson with the cake bit.
i switched it up & thought the ice-cream cone cupcakes would be so fun for this theme..

and they turned out awesome..
all 2 dozen of them.
along with the 48 or so corndogs we made.
(very circus-like right?)

we had a bounce house & a clown.
the clown was late.
but at least she showed up.
almost no-one else did.

i'm not kidding.
out of the 30 something people who were coming..
8 showed up.
& only TWO were kids.

if you thought the tears over the cake were bad..
i won't tell you how many times i cried that day.
i was so sad for him.

does he look sad?
eventhough he broke his arm just a few weeks before..
he had a blast.

and the ones who did show up?
a couple aunts & uncles..
nana & papa
the dudes friends cogan & lacey & their mamas.
they did their best to cheer me up.

my mom & aunt even went so far as to have their faces painted because i was so upset
everyone laughed & stuffed 2 & 3 & 4 corndogs & cupcakes down because i was upset
 over the thought of the wasted food.
and my aunts even jumped in the bounce house to make me feel better.

but the dude.
he just had fun..
& didn't know that everyone bailed on him.
he just enjoyed those that were there.

next up.. his fourth birthday bomb... involving cake.... AGAIN.


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  1. isn't it funny how kids see things so differently then adults...the party was so not a fail to him!!! What a blast he had all the adults for himself and no fighting over the bounce house :-) priceless for a 3 year old!

  2. Aww...I know how you feel about lack of attendance. Last year was my son's 'big' 5th birthday & I spent, well let's just say too long, making it special. Then he had one kid show up, his cousin! Of course his two year old little sister & a family friend (who also has a two year old) were there too, but that was it.
    Like your son, mine didn't seem to care though, so I didn't have much time to feel sad about it.
    I think kids could care less about any details besides there being cake, presents & the most important people to them! :o)


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