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life: recharged

(print available on etsy here)

i feel as if i've abandoned my blog as of late.
i don't really have an excuse as to why either.

we've been a little busy with the business of life..
but nothing that would warrant the lack of blogging.

i finished re-reading all 10 previous sookie stackhouse books..
just in time for #11 releasing tomorrow.
& while i was reading them i discovered (as i usually do)
that i have a deep love for the written word.
i love movies...but i LOVE reading.
i love where your mind takes you.
i get pretty absorbed.

when i finished the sookie books i decided to start reading the other books on my shelf i've never managed to finish.
(some of which, sadly, were ones i was SUPPOSED to read in high school & just faked it)
i'm working on the 'the wizard of oz'..
& i've finished 'water for elephants'
'alice in wonderland'
& next up is 'little women' on loan from a friend.

reading has served to recharge my creative batteries so to speak.

i have even found myself writing stories in my head.
i am so not a writer, let me make that clear..
(even though i have had a poem published..)
but in my daydreams i write books about funny, clever women leading average interesting lives.


i write childrens books about lovable little creatures.

A N Y W A Y....
i DO have some diy ideas brewing in my brain..
i had some easter gifts in mind for the boys,
but the dude is smart as a whip & starting to wonder about the validity of the easter bunny.
(he totally called out the person in the bunny costume..)
so i decided to scrap the idea of putting them in his easter basket..
& save them for his birthday... which is this month.

so of course i have a to-do list a mile long for his party.
and i couldn't be more excited about tackling them.
we (mom, aunt & i) worked on making those yarn balls floating around the web for my aunt's wedding..
and all attempts to make them work ended horribly.
i'm not sure what we were doing wrong....
whether it was the glue combo, or the fact we were using wool yarn or what....
but my craft ego was severely deflated when we had to scrap the idea for something else.

total disappointment.

so ya, i'm ready to pick up something diy & make it work.
enjoy the end result ya know?
(instead of being covered in glue & feeling deflated over limp yarn.)

off to clean up the house so i can focus on fun stuff the rest of the week! :)



  1. I so get what you mean about reading and I LOVE that photo you found!

    Please tell me you know about/are on Goodreads?!

  2. Haha! I just got your friend invite on Goodreads. I adore that website and look forward to keeping track of your recommendations.


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