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diy: mama & me notebook

as much i want to say it's not true..
sometimes the dude gets less attention from me, just in general.
and for a kid who was an only child the first 6 1/2 years of his life..
that's a BIG change.
i try my best to set aside time for him on a regular basis..
to have chats like we used to..
but it doesn't always happen..
and sometimes, i think of things i'd like to tell him, and he's away at school.

so when repinned this idea on pinterest,
i knew i had to pick up a composition book right away
& set to making this a daily thing for us.

it's a mama & me notebook.
for me to write him letters of encouragement..
or silly little stories about what rance & i did while he was away..
to leave under his pillow for him to find when he gets home from school.
then he'll write me back, or draw a picture..
and i've given him instructions to be stealthy & sneak it back under my pillow before bed.

my hope is that it's something to help our bond... 
something that makes him feel special...
and gives him a way to tell me something maybe he couldn't 'tell' me.
ya know?
and. it won't hurt him to practice his letter writing, or writing in general :)

-composition book
-scrapbook paper
-alphabet stickers
-masking tape

just lay your composition book down on top of your paper & trace around it..

cut out your shape with scissors or a paper trimmer.

put down your choice of adhesive.

put your piece of paper down over the adhesive & smooth it out.

annndd decorate as you see fit :)

& then if you have a child like mine..
write a DETAILED note about what the book is, and what to do with it.
(i feel like i have 9th grade handwriting in this.. but my normal writing is a mix of cursive/print & the dude can't read it well..)

then.. sneak & hide it beneath your child's pillow! :)

i'm excited.. maybe even more than he will be!
i kept notebooks with friends in school..
and i can't believe i didn't think to start one for the dude sooner..
although until last year he probably wouldn't have been up for it!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a fabulous idea, LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow, girl you amaze me. i am kinda tearing up over this post and what you wrote. suuuuuch a cool idea. i mean, really? why are we all not doing this? i for one, am starting this tomorrow. gibson would love it. what a special keepsake in the future and for the present, nothing better you can give your kid than your heart and praise, right?


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