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life: 2012 goals

i learned some years ago that making resolutions wasn't for me.
i, like 3/4ths of the population, crash & burn in my resolutions by mid-february.

but i am not immune to the promise of a clean slate & a fresh start that the new year brings.
i went back through my 2011 list, and i was moderately successful in accomplishing some of my goals.
i'd like to be MORE than moderately successful, for sure..
but i don't feel like i came into the new year a failure because they weren't achieved..
goals feel like they don't have a set end date.
you don't make it that year? aim for it the next. and the next.

here are my 2012 goals in no particular order..

i think most of them are pretty self-explanatory...
i've already knocked out 5 books since 1.1.12, thanks to my kindle & free downloads.
getting a surprise in the mail is much more fun then receiving a text from a friend on your birthday.
a 'r.a.k.' is a random act of kindness.. more on this in the coming days
yes, i jumped on the project life band wagon. i'm just waiting for page protectors!
clean eating. it's a lifestyle, not a diet. more on this soon as well!
travel florida. we can't always travel out of state, but we are fortunate enough to have a state full of great places to visit. looking forward to short weekend trips to new places this year!
i have some dreams that are stirring in my heart.. some dreams i intend to work hard to follow this year...

what are your 2012 goals?


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  1. Your goals are very nice:]
    I look forward to keeping up with them!


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