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books: fifty shades of grey

so.. unless you've been living under a rock the last few weeks, you've likely heard of this book series..

fifty shades of grey.

i'm one of the thousands of women who have read it (twice) & fallen under the spell. i don't have it quite as bad as my friend stephanie, who is on her fourth time through the trilogy, has pinned every location, car, boat & alcoholic beverage in the books to pinterest, AND admitted yesterday she is putting the time line of the characters into her personal calendar. she's got it BAD. VERY BAD.

i'm hear to tell you.. they are good. and here's the thing you may not have heard.. it's not all about the sex scenes. and there are A LOT of them.. and some of them are pretty darn racy. more.. steamy than anything i've ever read before. i am sure i was blushing from tip to toes OFTEN. the sex scenes seem to be all that anyone is talking about, well that, and the repetitive use of certain words. several libraries in florida have even removed them from their shelves... and people are petitioning to get them back in.

it's stirring up quite the pot & is being called mommy porn.

well, if you've read the books, you'll know.. that's the surface. the story is really much deeper than that. it's a story of two people who fall in love. i don't want to give away all the details.. I'll just say that one of the main characters, christian grey, has a sad sad past. it was actually heartbreaking to read. so imagine a character with the worst imaginable childhood, who grows up to be a successful, but hardened & closed off individual, and out of no-where an awkward-less-than-polished bookish girl breaks through his shell. that's the story of christian grey & ana steele.

it's kinda like your good girl turns bad boy good. (and i'm a sucker for a sad bad boy, have always been)

so, if you can get past the somewhat less than literary award winning writing (according to some), and the shock-inducing sex scenes.. i suggest you read it if you haven't. if only to see what all the fuss is about. i don't know a single person who has read it who didn't like it.

and please, don't be one of those people who can't look past the surface & think that this is about some control freak who beats his girlfriend. i'm so tired of hearing people say that crap, and stating this gives young girls the wrong idea about what is acceptable in a relationship. two things.. 'young' girls shouldn't be reading this, AND parents should be enough invested in their daughters upbringing to teach them how PEOPLE should treat each other anyway.

and because it's just flippin' hilarious here's a clip of ellen TRYING to read excerpts of the book.


ps. i'm currently sorting out the fact that i've hit the photo limit on blogger.. hence the lack of blogging. hope to be back in form soon!

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