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project life: week 3

i'm just gonna jump right into the pictures.
(and bear with me. the hubs has tried to help me with my photo storage dilemma.)

mason got a new bike & helmet this week, and i included the plastic tag that came with the bike
& the piece that was attached to the helmet.

here's the spread without the inserts.

my second insert was a print out of my currents blog for that same week.

and on the back side of that, a spelling test the dude had that week.
he has one every week, but they rarely make it home in one piece!

and of course i had to include the devastating news of picnik closing.
that rocked my photo editing world.
(but so far i'm VERY happy with picmonkey)

i'm not gonna even try to start listing all the supplies..
but if you have a question, i'm more than happy to ask
(just please please please make sure you leave an email address if it's not registered in blogger!)

be back soon with week 4! :)


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