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project life: week 4

i figured while i was at it, i may as well post week 4 as well.
i'm so far behind in posting it'll take forever to catch up anyways.

it's pretty bad when you don't blog for a month,
come back & the whole dang website has changed
AND you've hit your photo limit.
talk about throwing someone for a loop.

here's week 4.
(as always you can click on the photo to enlarge)

here it is with the insert.
and below without the insert.

i love all the little bits of the week that make it in.
the packaging from the gnocchi we tried this week.
a vampire diaries poster
Rance's new words & sounds.

the quote is on a piece of vellum,
 and the little square behind it is a picture waiting for me to finish the next week.
i'm actually caught up to the first week of march..
just need to take pictures & get 'em uploaded..
ya know.. now since i have a work around my imposed 'photo limit'.

happy to answer any questions about supplies!


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