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thirty one: casual cargo purse & wristlet wallet

when i became a independent consultant for thirty one i made the decision to not share a whole lot about that on the blog..
mostly because i didn't want my craft blog to turn into a place where you felt like i was just trying to sell you something.
i am so not a salesperson.

i got this new bag about a month or two ago..
and i am just absolutely in love with it.
i am NOT a big bag person.
and i'm not a cutesy diaper bag person either.
i'm all about the incognito mama bag.

so i decided to snap a few pictures & make it like one of those 'what's in my bag' posts,
along with showing you an item or two from thirty one.

this is the bag.
it's the casual cargo purse in black with my initials embroidered in platinum.
i cannot tell you how in love i am with this bag!!
(in addition to a diaper/purse/mama bag, it would make an AWESOME camera bag. that's part of the reason i got it.. lots of room for my DSLR if i need to stick it in there!)

here's the inside of the bag stuffed full of stuff for mama & babe.

and here's everything that's in there.
and trust me, there is room for MUCH more.

my kindle fire.
my thirty one wristlet wallet.
gum & mints for mama.
lip balm/chapstick.
hairtie, nail clippers (i can't stand to file my nails!), & advil.
my cell phone.
diapers & wipes.
table toppers.
sippy cup.
toys & books for entertainment.
two changes of clothes for stinky.
my thirty one small zipper pouch.
baby meds & piglet pez :)

a view of the inside so you can see how deep it is.

there are two interior side pockets on one side, and another zipper pocket on the other.
each end has a elastic pocket big enough for a sippy cup or water bottle.

then there is the thirty one wristlet wallet.
this is in the pattern black paisley parade.
i LOVE this wallet.
it has a zip around closure & a detachable wrist strap.
on the backside it has a velcro closure pocket as well.

the inside has a zipper pocket & PVC ID slot on one side
& four card pockets on the other side.

it's big enough to fit your smart phone as well, so it's great for a quick trip to the store, or when you have your hands full & don't want to carry in a baby & a whole diaper bag.

and that's my current diaper bag/purse/wallet set up.
interesting right?
i know. :)

i kid.
but i know the voyeur in all of us likes to see what everyone totes in their bag.
orrrrrr... maybe that's just me.



  1. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for posting this review...this is the diaper bag I have in mind to buy - I think I will just wait to see if 31 does a spend 31 get half off purses before babe comes in October. I have a large zipper pouch and thermal. Do you think they'll fit?

    1. hi jessica!

      i hope you stop back & check my response, as your google account doesn't have an email account linked to it for me to reply to.
      to answer your question, the large zipper pouch fits perfectly in the casual cargo purse. i have actually traveled with this on short road trips with my camera in the bottom, and one large zipper pouch for a few diapers & wipes, and a second large zipper pouch with my kindle & chargers in it. the thermal WILL fit, but you won't have room for much else afterwards.
      please let know if there is anything else i can help you with! :)

  3. Thank you for doing this! I am ordering from a catalog party and I needed to see the inside of these bags! (the website is sadly lacking in interior pictures!)

  4. I have a question. Does a smart phone fit into the outer velcro pocket in this wallet?


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