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project life: week five

carved out some time today to take pictures of my completed weeks..
and can i just tell you..
the sense of completion with this method of scrapbooking is just.. AWESOME.
i have such a huge chunk of our life in 2012 down on paper.
little moments & big moments.

here's week five:
(you can click on the picture to enlarge)

i am still on board with the week in review in the right hand corner.
love capturing the little pieces that don't make it to the 'limelight' so to speak. 

a tag from stinky's new mickey mouse stuffed animal
& a list of the books i read in january.
(it's a long list. WOOHOO!)

silhouette cut out.
this kid loves legos as much as his big brother! 

cut down a picture that the dude drew for me & put that in.
(he's pretty in-tune to my vampire addiction!)

and a double 4x6-er for our first date night of 2012
(our only so far.... )

if you have any questions about supplies, please feel free to ask..
(there are too many to list ;)


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