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recipe: strawberry yogurt cake

i learned last year that my husband despised chocolate cake.
yes, during 12 years of marriage that was a tidbit i apparently failed to glean from him.
call me crazy, but for someone who dives face first into a pan a brownies, you'd think they'd be down for chocolate cake.

'tis not the case with the hubs.
so after i picked my shattered ego up off the floor last year, and fed the rest of his cake to my chocoholic family..
i decided the next cake was going to knock his socks off.

so i DO know at least a little about this guy i married.
and, next to a hot pan of brownies, anything with strawberries make his knees go weak.
(ok. maybe that's not the right phrase for a big hulking man, but you get the idea)
so i set my sites on some fruit filled decadence this year.

i settled on this strawberry yogurt cake from a spicy perspective, found via pinterest. (of course)

unfortunately i can't tell you first hand how it tasted,
because it's been almost 2 1/2 months since i've eaten sugar..
BUT, i badgered my family until they gave me some good descriptions.

my hubs just claimed it was good. REALLY good. and went in for seconds.
(SOOO  much better than the chocolate cake which, by the way, EVERYONE else loved!)
the dude loved it.
once i force fed the babe a piece, he scarfed his down.
my mom said it reminded her of those sour cream donuts from the grocery store my dad used to pick up every weekend when we were kids.
and my dad just ate in silence... and that's typical for him.

i can tell ya this though... it smelled amazing
& it was most definitely moist by the way it stuck to everything.
and the glaze was sinful too, i'm guessing. ;)

i feel like i've lost my drive to blog in the last few months.
and i'm sorry to those of you sticking around hoping to see something interesting.
i'm hoping summer crafting & adventures will bring back the want.


ps. click the recipe link above for a printable version from a spicy perspective.

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  1. Wow - what a fabulous cake!! Can't believe you didn't even taste it! I'll have to try it out.


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