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my life: i have pink hair

so... if you've hung around since last year..
(and bless you if you have, because things have been quite boring around here the last few months)
well.. i knew FOR SURE, that when swimming season dwindled down this year, i wanted to give the outrageous color another go.

this year i picked 'flamingo pink' by jerome russell.

i LOVE it.
i went with a little more subtle application of it though..
i had my hair trimmed a few months ago, and she went a little shorter than i wanted..
and cut it straight across the back..
i didn't think it would look as good to do the 'dip dye' thing because of this..
i convinced my bf to dye with me this year..
and we put some peek a boo highlights in her light brown hair..
and after a you tube video we watched, i ditched the peekaboo idea for my own hair..
and went with doing the underneath.
i am in LOVE with this color..
and while it may look a little more purplish..
in the sunlight it is full on fuchsia.
...and it's still good to do your own thing & not worry about what someone else thinks.
so glad i got that monkey off my back last year.


  1. "...and it's still good to do your own thing & not worry about what someone else thinks." – That’s exactly the spirit, Kristy! Besides, it really looks good on you! I commend your daring personality for doing such excellent hair color experimentation. =)

    Tara Day

  2. Wow, your hair is stunning! I don’t know, but I really love hair colors that look subliminally loud – just like yours. I’ve tried it before. I dyed my hair to black and colored some strands with glazy blue. It basically wasn’t obvious until I’m under the sun or on bright places.

    - Reda Pinard


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