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currently// 2.18.14

time// 8:47am

eating// just finished a bowl of frosted mini wheats, which i will probably pay for later. i've been eating far too much gluten lately, and man is my stomach telling me about it.

drinking// water, & i just realized i haven't had coffee in close to a week.

watching// still on the forensic files kick. i honestly don't watch much tv these days. i turn it on when i get into bed at night, and i'm usually out before the half hour is up.

reading// bloody lessons. i started it... now let's see how long it takes me to finish it. & also reading an ENORMUS amount on graphic design for school.

needing// to get the house cleaned. i ran around last friday like a crazy person trying to get everything clean for my sister in law & her family who were coming into town to visit... and now that they are gone, i'm almost certain i'm right back where i was on friday. five kids does not a tidy house make!

loving// the weather, when it decides what it's going to do for a few days, it's actually pretty nice outside. the other 50% of the time it's 80 and humid, and i'm wondering if it is in fact still just february.

thinking// about one of my old bosses at the pediatric office i worked at. he lost his battle with cancer on friday, & i am brought to tears every time i think about it. he was hands down one of the best bosses i've ever worked for. he was kind, generous, and always wore a smile. he treated those of us in the office with as much grace and respect as those in the office with medical backgrounds (which is NOT common practice, though it should be) i graduated high school with his daughter, and though we didn't run in the same circles, my heart is breaking for her, as she is due in 2 weeks with what would have been his first grandchild. i just can't even put into words how special this man was, he truly touched so many hearts.

listening// say something is at the top of my repeat list, as well as pompeii, and of course happy.

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