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TWELVE MONTHS // I survived

Today (well technically it was Sunday, but whatever) marks one full year in school. I'm actually sort of shocked that it went by so quickly. At times it felt like the months were dragging on. Other months flew by. (That month I had science, I SWEAR the month had 80 days.) I have increased my knowledge regarding design ten-fold. I still get excited about what a new month holds. It's a good thing, and a good sign I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I'm still worried about what I'll actually do when I get done, but I'm trying to enjoy the ride while it lasts.

In honor of my one year school anniversary, I thought  I'd share a few of my favorite things I've designed...

This is was the first thing I did in Photoshop. It was a tutorial that walked you
through re-creating your own Andy Warhol-ish composition. 
This was one of my first projects using Adobe Illustrator. We had to
illustrate a movie poster, using only 5 colors. This thing about
kicked my butt with all the stars, but I was pleased with my efforts in the
end. Illustrator is not for the faint of heart! 

I thought I was afraid of Photoshop & Illustrator, and then I had my first class
where I was expected to draw two objects found in my house. I read the class
assignment & immediately freaked out, & called my husband, who was
completely sweet & reassured me I COULD do this. His exact words were
that he has always had faith in my abilities, that it's me that doesn't.
Checked my attitude at the door & got to work.  (And now of course
Rance thinks I'm capable of drawing EVERY Toy Story character under
the sun!) 

Same class as the one that required the sketching. We learned
about hierarchy in design, etc. We were instructed to create
an advertisement using the color schemes, tag lines, and logos
provided to us, along with several design elements. I was
pretty excited about this design out of the three I did. (Looking
at it now, I would rather have a vector set of glasses vs. the
photo.. but ya live & learn right?)
Next up was Color Theory. We learned about how color
conveys mood, etc. Our month long project was to work on
re-branding a sports team. We had to pick a pro team, change
the city, redesign the mascot/logo, and the color scheme. I moved the
Chicago Bears to Tacoma, and recolored them as Polar Bears.
I choose the typeface, color scheme, and did the new mascot logo,
as well as the uniforms. It was a TON of work, but I have to
admit, I was really excited about the end package. 
December was Digital Story Telling, and MAN it was a busy
month. In addition to a weekly illustration, in conduction with
the prompts at, we had another
multi-step project due. I spend most of December with
my butt planted in a computer chair & my family
doing there best to not disturb the angry bear. It was
a nightmare, but of the best kind. I really pushed myself, and
my skills. The first illustration prompt was "Shadow". 
The second prompt for December was "Refrain".  I had two
ideas, so I worked on both of them, and submitted my favorite
for grading, which you see above.  
This was my second submission for "Refrain", going on the music interpretation.
The birds are positioned in the fashion of a segment of music from the song
"Blackbird" by the Beatles. 
My fourth prompt was "Spirit". At this point in the month I was way
burnt out, and had no Christmas Spirit. I was grumpy, but pretty pleased
with how this guy turned out. He may have been my favorite the entire month.
Sorry for the poor quality. Obviously I have something to learn about saving
for optimal web-viewing. 

Our first project in December was to create an info graphic. I bit off way more
than I could chew, but I got it done, and I totally am in love with it. I won't tell you
how many times I had to stop & rewind Goonies to be sure I got all the numbers
right, the kids thought I was nuts. 

And here is my final project for my class last month, History of
Visual Communications. The object was to create a poster
inspired by a period in art history. I went with the Art Deco
period. Clean lines, exaggerated perspective, etc.

 So here's to another 12 months. Another year of pushing, and learning, crying & falling apart, then getting it together, and coming back stronger.

Thanks for hanging with me ;)


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