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currently// 3.17.14

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

It's the one day a year I can get away with force feeding my husband corned beef & cabbage. The rest of the year he makes a stink face.. so here's to holiday eats!

drinking// irish creme iced latte from dunkin' i've gotten attached to my morning coffee again, and it's a habit i'm working to kick. i feel much better without all the sugar first thing in the morning, but i miss the caffeine for sure.

watching// i'm still so far behind on all my shows. last time i got caught up was over christmas break. i see a marathon of vampire diaries watching come spring break next month. i'm also super excited that the great gatsby is now on HBO, and in 3d, so I totally have an excuse to break out the 3D glasses for our tv.

listening// lately, i've been so focused, i forget to start up my music while doing homework, so there is a lot of paw patrol, rabbids, & mickey mouse clubhouse in the background.

reading// lots of design blogs, and books associated with school. that book i started in january? ya, still haven't picked it back up. :(

wanting// to get some kind of handle on time management. most days i feel like i'm running from one task to the next, throwing laundry in & running back to make a few more tweaks on a design for school, then running to pick the dude up from school, and before i know it, it's 10pm, and i feel like i haven't gotten a single thing done, and i'm exhausted mentally & emotionally.

dreaming// about having all our diy projects done. ha. my best friend told me that a 'fixer up' house is always in a state of 'fixing up', and though we've only been here a little shy of a year, and have gotten a tremendous amount done, i know what she says rings true. i read a statement on young house love that said to love the process, and learn to live with the constant state of improvement, and you will be much happier. i'm trying to embrace this, but it's definitely work for me.

anticipating// easter. for YEARS, stephen & i (well maybe mostly just me) has wanted to take some of the burden of hosting holidays off my mom & aunt. the two of them share hosting duties at easter, christmas, and thanksgiving. our old house was just way too small to accommodate my rather large family (mom's 1 of 6 + spouses, kids, and grandkids, you do the math ;) last year we had a housewarming party (at the insistence of the hubs co-workers) & the babe's 3rd birthday, both of which were successful at holding the majority of our family & friends, with overflow to our covered back porch, so we volunteered to host easter at our house this year. i'm excited & nervous!

loving// despite a pity party i threw myself on saturday when i felt like like i was left out of several happenings around town, i am loving the challenge of school. some assignments i loathe, but i'd rather be doing it than pretty much anything else, school-wise. i know that those around me have just gotten so used to the 'i can't's', they don't ask anymore for me to do stuff.... but it still sucks.

loathing// the fact that i haven't finished my 2013 project life yet... and haven't even started on 2014. it's a good thing i opted for monthly this year, cause weekly would probably leave me so overwhelmed i'd never even start.

until next month ;)


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